Need Fireplace Installation Services Near Dallas? We Replace Fireplaces & Create New Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace can add a lot of warmth and character to a home. It’s a great focal point for a living room, and it can also be used as a source of heat when things aren’t quite as warm as usual. But what if your current heat system isn’t performing like it should? Or maybe your heat output isn’t a problem, but it isn’t looking so great anymore. Well, then you can turn to us for fireplace replacement services or a fireplace makeover.

That’s right – whether you need a new fireplace surround or need your current fireplace upgraded or replaced, we’re the team to hire in the Dallas area. Questions? Give us a call or book with us online today.

Need Fireplace Insert Installation Services Near Dallas?

There are tons of lovely homes in the Dallas area, and we’re proud to service fireplaces and chimneys in a number of these. That said, sometimes what was once a great-looking fireplace a few decades ago isn’t ideal any longer. Whether you want a new look or an upgrade in efficiency, we’re here to help.

So…what are your fireplace insert options?

Quadra Wood Burning Insert

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

A wood-burning fireplace is a traditional fireplace that burns wood logs, and it’s known for its classic ambiance (think crackling wood and the unbeatable smell of burning logs). These fireplaces require a chimney for ventilation and are typically made of brick, stone, or metal vent pipe.

The main perk of upgrading to a wood fireplace insert is that they are much more efficient that a traditional open fireplace. You won’t lose nearly as much heat up the chimney, ensuring that classic ambiance – just with plenty of warmth entering your space as well.

We sell quality wood fireplace inserts from trusted brands like Pacific Energy and Supreme.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

A gas fireplace burns natural gas or propane, and it’s a popular choice for modern homes because it’s clean-burning, highly efficient, and easy to use. Gas fireplaces can be vented or ventless.

Many with open wood fireplaces opt to upgrade their fireplace to a gas insert because, not only are they more efficient, but they’re a lot easier to maintain too. You just flip a switch or push a button (depending on the model), and you’ve got heat and an unbeatable aesthetic. No messy wood piles, no scooping fireplace ash, and no waiting for embers to die out. That’s hard to top!

If you’re looking for a new gas fireplace insert from Valor or another trusted brand, our team can help.

Valor G4 fireplace insert with traditional logs and Craftsman front in bronze

Fireplace Refacing Services: What Can I Reface My Fireplace With?

Do you love your fireplace, but are sick of the facing materials it currently has? Changing the front of your fireplace can not only transform your hearth, but your entire living space. That said, you want to ensure you’re hiring the right team of fireplace experts to guarantee a job done right. With a focal point this big, you really don’t want anything messed up or looking, well…off.

What kind of materials do we offer for fireplace refacing? Well, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Some popular options include stone, tile, marble, and brick, but really, we can do just about anything you might envision.

Want a Fireplace in Your Home? Schedule With Us

Adding a fireplace to your home can be a great investment that adds both warmth and character. However, it’s important to consider the factors above before starting any renovations.

In addition, choosing the right type of fireplace, considering building codes and ventilation, and creating a budget are all important steps in the process – and all things we’d be happy to help you with. Rest assured, working with the right professional chimney sweep company, like us here at Hale’s Chimney, can make all the difference.

And once the new system is in, we can help with any repairs or required maintenance too. We are here for all of your chimney and fireplace needs!

Our professional crew is ready to help you out. Call or schedule online today.


Here at Hale’s, we provide trustworthy gas fireplace service so you never have to worry about the dependability of this chimney service from us.