Need Your Leaky Chimney Repaired Fast? We’re The Dallas Area’s Chimney Leak Repair Experts

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Does the sound of water dripping into your fireplace make every Texas storm a disaster for your home? Have you spotted yellowing water stains in the ceiling and walls around your chimney? Have rust streaks made an appearance along the sides of your chimney or home? Is the brick of your chimney discolored or deteriorating? All of these can be signs of a chimney leak and can leave you filled with panic. What will it cost to repair? How much damage is done? Take a deep breath and relax, because Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solution’s team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) professionals are on your side.

We have decades of chimney leak expertise under our belt and we know where to look and what to look for. Wherever the leak is, you can count on our team to find it and find it fast. We’ll start by checking the most common leak areas, including the flashing, the chase cover or crown, the chimney cap, and of course, the masonry. No matter where your leak originated, we have the tools, techniques, and knowledge to make repairs fast and keep water out. Our chimney leak repair specialties include:

  • Chase Covers & Crown Repairs — You can count on us to make expert crown repairs that result in years of moisture protection and a beautiful finish to your chimney. We also proudly sell and install high-quality stainless steel chase covers, so if you have a prefabricated or factory-built chimney, we’ve got you covered, so to speak. Learn more about chase covers and crowns here.
  • Chimney Caps — Many chimney leaks can be resolved simply by having a quality chimney cap installed. Here at Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions, we install custom stainless steel caps and copper rain caps, so no matter what type of flue you have or what style you’re after, we can help you keep moisture out, in-style. Learn more here.

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  • Masonry Water-Repellent — As strong as masonry is, it’s porous and can allow moisture to wick into the chimney and cause damage — but a professional masonry water-repellent can put a stop to masonry chimney leaks. We proudly use ChimneySaver to keep your masonry chimney beautiful and protected. Find out more about our masonry water-repellent services here.


Don’t let your chimney leak go unresolved — have it professionally taken care of before the next big rain. Whether you’re over in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Carrollton, or somewhere else in the area, we’re here to stop your leak, fast! Call 972-562-6851 or fill out our online scheduling form to get started.


Hole or gaps in your current chimney liner may point to the need for a complete chimney relining. Check with our experts for more information about this important chimney repair service.