There are a lot of things you can do to prevent heat loss in your home. Most people know that installing energy efficient windows and doors, and installing insulation can do a lot to improve your home’s ability to retain heat. However, there is one area of your home where many you may be lacking the proper components to prevent heat loss. That place is your chimney.

Your chimney is equipped with a chimney damper to prevent cold air entering your home and warm air from leaving it. However, a lot of homeowners are unaware of how old or damaged their chimney damper is. Furthermore, a lot of dampers just don’t do a good enough job at stopping airflow. Consequently, this makes your chimney one of the most vulnerable areas in your home for heat loss. This can have a significant effect on your home heating cost. At Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions, we only install they best chimney components available to us. That’s why we install Lock-Top Dampers.

What does your damper do?

Your damper is used to control the airflow in your chimney. Most dampers consist of a flap that is pulled open when your fireplace is in use. It allows hot air and smoke to leave your home via your chimney. When you’re done using your fireplace, the damper is closed to prevent warm air from leaving your home through your chimney. Most dampers consist of an A-frame covered by an iron flap. Although this blocks a lot of the air trying to leave your home, some air is still able to leave your home. You may not think that a little bit of air leaving your home isn’t a big deal, but it can add up to about $200 a year in heating costs.

Why is a Lock-Top damper different?

Lock-Top dampers are a higher quality damper. They consist of a stainless steel and a non-rusting aluminum framework. This means that they will last longer than a conventional iron made damper. In fact, Lock-Top dampers come with a factory lifetime guarantee. Where Lock-Top dampers really separate themselves from other dampers is their ability to seal. Lock-Top dampers are designed with a silicone seal around the opening. This means when a Lock-Top damper is closed, it shuts tight and doesn’t allow any airflow in and out of your home. This can add up to big energy savings over the years.

If you are in the market for a new damper and want to save money on energy costs, call Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions today at 972-563-6851 or contact us online to discuss installing a Lock-Top damper on your chimney today.