Do you periodically maintain your entire clothed dryer ventilation system? Many people think that cleaning out the lint trap after every dryer load is the only upkeep needed regarding your dryer vent. However, your lint trap doesn’t catch 100 percent of the lint trying to escape your dryer. Lint that does escape your dryer can slowly and gradually build up within you dryer ventilation system. Consequently, it can have some very serious consequences if not taken care of properly and periodically! We here at Hales Chimney Cleaning & Repair care about the safety of you and your family. Now, we would like to share with you why it is of utmost importance to properly install and maintain your dyer vents.

The Benefits Of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Image - Dallas TX - Hale's Chimney Cleaning & RepairFire & Carbon Monoxide

On average, about 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported each year in the United States, costing homeowners nearly 35 million dollars in property loss. Even worse, dryer fires are the cause of about 100 injuries and five deaths per year in the United States. Unfortunately, a lot of these fires could have been prevented. The leading cause of dryer fires every year is lint igniting within dryer vent that have not been cleaned.

Gas dryers produce a gas called carbon monoxide, when burning the fuel needed to dry your clothes. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is difficult to detect because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Normally, carbon monoxide is pushed out of your home through your dryer ventilation system. However, if there is a blockage in your dryer vent, carbon monoxide gas could be vented into your home. If this happens, you or your family could be at serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, causing illness or even death!

Energy and Cost Savings

It takes a lot of energy to dry your clothes. If moisture cannot escape your dryer, some of it will be pushed back into the dryer. This means your clothes will not be dried efficiently. It also means you are using more energy to get your clothes dry, costing you more money.

Beside the energy costs, clogged dryer vents also may cost you in others ways. When moisture and hot air is pushed back into your dryer, it causes your dryer to work harder. This can lead to a number of dryer maintenance issues. Also, sometime moisture can escape blocked ventilation systems. This can leak out into other areas in and around your dryer causing costly mold issues.

We Care

At Hales Chimney Cleaning and Repair, we care about the safety of you family and home. If you haven’t had your dryer vents inspected in a while, contact us today to set up an appointment. We have knowledge and experience inspecting dryer vents to put your mind at peace!