Your chimney flue is designed to withstand heat, smoke, and other byproducts. However, over time, your chimney flue starts to deteriorate due to aging, constant use, and exposure to corrosive gases and creosote. If your flue is deteriorating, a lot of issues can arise including fire hazards. When your chimney flue is cracked, chipped and crumbling, it may seem like the only options are relining or to replace your chimney flue.

However, At Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions, we have another solution. HeatShield® is a product that is designed to repair your flue. If your chimney flue needs minor repairs and is structurally sound, HeatShield® can save you time and money while returning your chimney flue to safe operation.

Flue Issues

a nice house with a nice chimneyThere are a few issues that we come across for chimney flue inspections. The following are some of the common issues we have come across.

  • Gaps in between flue tiles – Just like your chimney, your flue tiles are held together with a cement-like substance called mortar. The mortar between the tiles can start to erode due to moisture, heat and chemical exposure. When the mortar erodes, smoke and byproducts can start to leak into your home such as carbon monoxide.
  • Cracks in the flue tiles – Cracks in your flue tile can stem from numerous things including seismic activity, sudden extreme temperature swings, lightning, or even your home settling. Small cracks are an issue because once a crack starts, it eventually grows bigger to the point that large pieces of your tile can become disjointed and detached.
  • Spalling – Spalling occurs when your flue tiles start to chip. Chipping is an issue because smoke doesn’t have a smooth path out of your chimney. If smoke starts to churn inside your chimney, it can cause smoke to come out to your home and also disrupt airflow.

We Can Help!

At Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions, we can help to remedy any flue issues. We use a product called HeatShield® to fill in any gaps, cracks, or chip in your chimney flue. HeatShield® works by spreading a refractrant on the inside of your flue, filling in any cracks and gaps to give your flue a nice smooth interior. However, if your chimney needs to be relined, we have experienced chimney sweeps that can help that too!

If you haven’t had your flue inspected in a while, you could be putting your family and home at risk! Let our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians inspect your flue today to determine if HeatShield® is right for you. Call Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions at 972-562-6851, or schedule an appointment with one of our fireplace professionals online today.