Did you know that you have different options when choosing the type of chimney damper you want to use in your home? Dampers act as a gateway in your chimney that can either block or allow airflow to come through your chimney opening. Dampers are important for controlling airflow. Opening your damper will aid in starting, building, and maintaining a hot fire while allowing smoke and gases to leave your home. Closing your damper is important when you want to keep your heat or air conditioning from leaking out your home when your fireplace isn’t in use. There are two main categories of dampers that Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions install and maintain, throat dampers and top-mount dampers. There are pros and cons to each of these types of dampers that you should be aware of before choosing one for your chimney.Different Kinds of Dampers - Dallas TX - Hale's Chimmey & Fireplace

Throat Dampers

Throat dampers are installed right above your firebox at the bottom of your chimney. These type of dampers are usually installed when the chimney is being constructed. Throat dampers usually consist of a steel flap that is either opened or closed by using a handle near the chimney. Another version of the throat damper that is the inflatable throat damper. This type of damper is either inflated or deflated depending on whether you want your chimney to be open or closed. One of the main benefits of a throat damper is that it keeps your home warmer. This is because cold air that is in your chimney is prevented from coming into your home when your throat damper is shut.

Top-mount Damper

A top-mount damper is a cap that sits on top of your chimney. These type of dampers work by pulling a steel cable that either lifts the lid off your chimney opening or pulls it back down on top of your chimney opening. If you have a throat damper that needs to be replaced, the experts at Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions, recommend installing a top-mount damper, specifically a Lock-Top damper. Lock-Top dampers are equipped with a silicone rubber gasket, which provides an air-tight seal making them very energy efficient. Another reason we like Lock-Top dampers is that they can replace your chimney cap as well. This means that it protects your chimney from rain, tree debris, animals and birds. The main disadvantage of any top-mount damper is that it is usually more expensive than a throat damper, however, you will save money in the long run on energy and maintenance costs.

If you are in the market for a new damper and want to save money on energy costs, call Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions today at 972-563-6851 or contact us online with to discuss installing a Lock-Top damper on your chimney today.