Do you want to enjoy the warmth of a nice fire without the hassle of building one? At Hale’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair, we have the solution. We install gas fireplace log sets and inserts! Gas fireplaces allow you to enjoy your fireplace without the headache of building or cleaning up.

What is a gas log set?

A gas log set is a decorative appliance installed inside your fireplace. It works much in the same way as your wood burning fireplace, but instead it creates a flame using gas. Gas log sets come with realistic looking logs made from ceramic or a refractory cement mixture which house the flame. Gas log sets require similar ventilation to wood burning fireplaces because they remove any chemicals associated with the gas burning process out the chimney. In addition, you can usually start your gas log set remotely.

Is a gas insert the same as gas log set?

This is a common misconception, but no, gas inserts are different than gas log sets. Similar to a gas log set, gas inserts usually are started remotely and burn gas to create a flame. The main difference between the two comes with the amount of heat from each product. A gas insert is actually a furnace installed inside the masonry of your fireplace. Although it looks like a fireplace, it uses gas to create a flame. As your gas insert warms up, a fan blows heat out of the fire box and into the areas surrounding your fireplace, not out of the chimney. In fact, most inserts are equipped with realistic looking logs and lighting providing the appearance of a real fire, adding a nice ambiance to the area surrounding your gas insert.

So, which should you choose?

This is a good question and it all depends on how you use your fireplace. If you want something decorative that puts out a little bit of heat, a gas log set may be for you. However, if you want a fireplace that put out a lot of heat, gas inserts are a lot more efficient than gas log sets. Either way, our CSIA certified technicians are experts at installing and maintaining both systems. If you need a gas log set of gas insert, please contact Hale’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair today for expert service you can count on.