Give Your Chimney The Protection It Needs With A Quality Chimney Cap

Although there are a few steps you can take to make sure moisture, animals, and debris stay out of your chimney system, one of the most important defenses you have on your side is the chimney cap. Your flue extends up past the brick or chase of your chimney, which means it’s exposed to everything from rain and hail to birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals – all of which can cause lots of damage. The good news? An affordable cover can offer significant protection. If you need a chimney cap near Dallas, trust our team for installation.

Here at Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions, we proudly install quality caps in all sizes and styles, so whether you have a small flue or a large flue, a modern-looking home or an historic home, we’ve got just the cap for you. We have stainless steel chimney caps, black chimney caps, modern chimney caps, large chimney caps, and more. No matter your vision, we can bring it to life. We even offer custom caps, low profile chimney caps, and copper rain caps – and guarantee a perfect fit when we’re finished with installation.

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Hales Chimney technician putting a chimney cap together

What Type of Chimney Cap Should You Choose?

There are a lot of chimney caps on the market and costs can vary greatly. So how can you know which chimney cap is right for your home?

  • First things first: consider material. Not all caps are created equal, and remember, the cap has a pretty important job and needs to last. If you’re looking to make an investment that has a big payoff over the years, you’ll want to invest in a chimney cap made of high-quality and durable materials, like stainless steel or copper. Stainless steel and copper are known for being the strongest materials and the best at standing up to moisture, season after season. In fact, the stainless steel caps we install carry a Lifetime Warranty.
  • But don’t forget about style! While your cap does have a very function-oriented purpose, it also adds style to your chimney, so consider whether you want something that’s low-profile or something that really grabs the attention. And remember – with stainless steel, you’ll enjoy a sleek, clean look that doesn’t change, while copper will give you that beautiful patina over time.

How Do I Install a Chimney Cap?

For chimney cap installation near Dallas, we’ll always recommend turning to the team of professionals here at Hale’s Chimney. Many consider DIY chimney cap installation – and with seemingly endless DIY and how-to tutorials online, we get why you might consider this – but this really isn’t the best approach. Why not?

DIY chimney cap installation can lead to the following problems:

  • Poor fit. DIY installations may result in chimney caps that are not properly fitted, leaving gaps for rainwater, debris, or animals to enter the chimney.
  • Inadequate fastening. Improperly secured chimney caps may become loose or dislodged during severe weather conditions, leading to potential damage or a loss of functionality.
  • Wrong size selection. Choosing the wrong size chimney cap during a DIY installation can result in an ill-fitting cap that doesn’t cover the entire chimney opening, thus compromising its effectiveness.
  • Poor material choice. Using the wrong material for the chimney cap, or neglecting to consider the specific environmental conditions, can lead to premature deterioration.
  • Safety issues. Inadequate installation may result in poor ventilation, potentially causing a buildup of combustible materials and increasing the risk of a chimney fire.
  • Instability. DIY chimney cap installations may lack the structural stability needed to withstand strong winds, heavy rain, or other adverse weather conditions.
  • Voided warranty. Some chimney cap manufacturers may void warranties if the installation is not performed by a certified professional.

So, make the right choice and hire us for professional chimney cap installation services. We’ve got your back.

How Do Chimney Caps Become Damaged?

The chimney cap is designed to fit snugly atop the flue, so that the flue is protected against moisture and animal intrusion and dangerous obstructions caused by debris or nesting materials. Unfortunately, chimney caps can come loose during strong storms and severe weather…and a missing cap is bad news and should be addressed immediately.

In addition, animals can tamper with the cap, causing it to become ineffective, and bad weather can trigger rust or cause dents and other damage.

If your cap is damaged or missing, you could face serious issues. Is your chimney properly fitted with a high-quality cap? If not, we can help.


Call for Your New Chimney Cap

Whether you want a custom copper rain cap that fits with the historic look of your home or you’re hoping for a low-profile stainless steel chimney cap, there are plenty of options to choose from here at Hale’s Chimney. To learn more about the many options available to you or to request an appointment to have your chimney inspected, give us a call at 972-562-6851 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re here to help keep North TX’s chimneys clean and protected against chimney leaks.


Another way to deal with chimney leak repairs is with the use of a masonry water repellent, so ask us for more information today.