Put An End To Chimney Leaks With A Quality Chase Cover Or Professional Crown Repair

There are two major types of chimneys: masonry and prefabricated/factory-built. While they vary greatly in regards to materials and installation, one thing is true for both: both need protection against moisture.

So how do you keep moisture out of your chimney? Well, it starts with a quality chase cover (for prefabricated chimneys) or crown (for masonry chimneys).

The Crown

If you look at the top of a masonry chimney, you should see a concrete slab covering the space that would otherwise be an open hole. This concrete slab is designed to close the chimney off and keep moisture from running down into the chimney or the masonry of the chimney. But, as simple as it sounds, not all crowns are effective.

Many crowns are made of simple mortar instead of a reinforced concrete mixture, which makes them more prone to cracks and deterioration. Additionally, many crowns are made thin and don’t include a drip edge. The drip edge is the area that extends past the chimney’s sides to encourage water to run away from the masonry and off the roof, instead of simply running right down into the brick of your chimney.

Once the crown starts developing cracks and holes or wearing thin, moisture can make its way in through the crown, little by little. The longer this goes on, the larger those cracks and holes will get, and the more moisture damage you can expect to see inside of your chimney system. But if an inspection reveals that your chimney crown is to blame for your water problems, we can help. Our team of experienced and certified professionals can rebuild or repair your chimney crown, leaving you with a protected, moisture-free chimney.

The Chase Cover

The chase cover is essentially the prefabricated chimney’s version of a crown. Just as the crown rests at the top of the chimney stack, the chase cover rests at the top of the chimney chase and works to keep the chimney moisture-free — except, unlike the crown, chase covers are typically made of metal.

So what causes these metal components to fail? Well, many prefabricated chimneys come equipped with chase covers made of materials that simply don’t last, like aluminum. Aluminum and similar metals are prone to rust and corrosion, which can lead to holes, chimney leaks, and rust streaks on your chase or home.

If you think a low-quality chase cover may be to blame for your chimney leak, let us help by installing a quality and long-lasting stainless steel chase cover. With stainless steel, you can rest assured you’ll have protection against moisture intrusion, season after season.

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