A good portion of your chimney is exposed to the outdoors, making it vulnerable to the climate as well as the environment. Rain, snow and ice can get into your chimney flue which can lead to bigger issues down the road. Further, chimney flues make a great place for birds and other small mammals to build nests. Because your chimney is constantly under attack, it is very important that there are defenses to protect your chimney. The first line of defense is the chimney cap.

What is a chimney cap?

A chimney cap is designed to keep moisture and critters from entering your chimney. It does this by fitting snugly to your chimney flue and providing a cover for the opening of your chimney, preventing intrusions. If your chimney cap is old, worn out, or even missing, it can cause serious issues related to your chimney’s overall health. At Hale’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair, we can install a chimney cap on any type of chimney.

What kind of chimney cap do I need?

Chimney caps come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles. Stainless steel and copper chimney caps are usually higher quality, more durable and will last longer. Although these types of chimney caps are usually more expensive, you need to remember that a chimney cap’s job is incredibly important to your chimney’s health. In fact, if we install a stainless steel chimney cap on your chimney, it will come with a lifetime warranty.

You also have a number of different chimney cap style choices to choose from. Whether you want the clean, shiny look that stainless steel offers or a low profile cap, Hale’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair has the right cap for you.

What if I have an older house?

If you have an older house, you may think that there may not be a chimney cap on the market that will fit your older chimney. At Hale’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair, however, we can custom fit a chimney cap to fit any size, style, or type of chimney guaranteeing that your chimney cap will function the way you need it to.

If you think that you are in need of a new chimney cap, call Hale’s Chimney Cleaning and Repair today at 972-562-6851 or schedule an appointment online to have one of our certified chimney technicians inspect your chimney today!