Plano’s Citizens Have Depended On Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions For 24 Years

Regular chimney maintenance is a vital part of keeping homes safe and sound year after year. That’s why homeowners throughout Plano, Cowley, Renner, Murphy, Parker, Richardson, Shelton, Buckingham, Allen, Naaman, Sachse, Audelia, Frisco, Dallas, Garland, and nearby cities and towns have been depending on us for nearly two and a half decades! Choose us for all of your chimney needs.

Plano is on the rise and seems to expand more and more with every passing year. Many companies count on Plano to host their conventions, retreats, and corporate events. But that’s not all it’s known for! Plano is also home to Heritage Farmstead, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, the Interurban Railway Museum, and countless options for shopping and dining out.

And don’t forget to visit Southfork Ranch, home to the fictional Ewing family on the hit show “Dallas.” If you were a fan or the show or have family members who love it, then this is the perfect spot for checking out memorabilia and learning some history behind the series.

The residents of Plano take great care to keep their homes looking great, which is why so many people living on Custer Road, Legacy Drive, Colt Road, Parker Road, Plano Parkway, Hedgcoxe Road, McDermott Road, Ohio Drive, Preston Road, Midway Road, Marsh Lane, President George Bush Turnpike, K Avenue, Los Rios Boulevard, Shiloh Road, Independence Parkway, Spring Creek Parkway, Tennyson Parkway, Yeary Road, Parkwood Boulevard, and Headquarters Drive, choose us for their chimney services. We leave chimneys and hearths all along Route 75 looking great and working efficiently. If you live in this area, join your neighbors and invest in the best chimney services around!

Do You Need Your Chimney Relined?

Did you know that many chimneys in older homes aren’t properly lined? And there are some that aren’t even lined at all! Situations like these can put your home at serious risk. Chimney liners are necessary for keeping the heat from your fireplace contained, so the woodwork and other combustibles are kept protected against heat transfer and stray ashes and sparks. On top of that, liners protect the masonry and brickwork and improve the overall efficiency of your appliance. Is your chimney liner working to do all this? If not, we can help.

At Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions, we are trained and certified to reline your chimney, so you can rest easy knowing your fireplace and chimney are ready to work as safely and as efficiently as they can and should. And we offer a long list of other services as well! Check them out below.

Keep Your Home Protected – Call On Us!

Communities throughout Embree, Bethard, Garland, Lolaville, Wetsel, Lucas, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Celina, and more have turned to us for years for unbeatable services. You won’t find staff like ours anywhere else! Give us a call today at 972-562-6851 or fill out our online scheduling form — you won’t regret it!


We’ve been serving our customers in the Dallas area for a long time and we love that this growing metropolis forms the core of our service area.