Save Energy & Keep Your Chimney Clean With A Lock-Top Damper

You know the drill: make sure the damper’s opened before you light a fire in your fireplace. The damper, a metal component traditionally located in the throat of the chimney system, serves to open and close up the flue. When opened, it allows smoke and byproducts of the fire to travel up and out of the chimney, and when closed, it works to prevent downdrafts from entering the home through the chimney and conditioned air from leaving through the chimney. But if you’ve ever stood in front of your fireplace during the cooler months, you’ve likely noticed that throat dampers aren’t 100% effective. Why is that?

Well, traditional throat dampers are made of metal, so when they’re closed, it’s really only a metal-on-metal seal. These dampers also sit right in the line of fire, and oftentimes, rust and buildup settles on them. It’s no wonder they can’t keep those cold drafts out!

But you don’t have to watch your energy bills skyrocket or shiver every time you go into the room with the fireplace – you can put a stop to it with a Lock-Top damper.

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A Lock-Top damper or energy-saving damper is a damper that is connected to the chimney system at the top of the flue. Like a throat damper, it has an easy-to-use cable for opening and closing the flue (don’t worry – you won’t have to go up on the roof!), but unlike a throat damper, a Lock-Top damper provides an airtight seal.

These dampers are made of cast aluminum and spring wires and have a durable stainless steel cap, which is why they come with a Lifetime Warranty. And its silicone rubber gasket is guaranteed to put a stop to conditioned air loss and downdrafts.

The Lock-Top damper has all of these great features and benefits:

  • Safety Feature – The Lock-Top damper has a safety feature that locks it into the open position in the event of a chimney fire.
  • Top-Seal – Since the Lock-Top damper seals up the flue at the top, not the bottom, it protects your flue from moisture damage, birds, bugs, animals, twigs, and debris.
  • Hurricane-Proof – Because the Lock-Top damper is low-profile when sealed, it won’t be negatively impacted by strong winds and hurricanes. It also won’t affect the draw or draft of the fireplace.
  • Serves As A Cap – When you have a Lock-Top damper, you don’t need a chimney cap. When the damper is closed, it will do everything that a cap does to keep things out of your flue. In other words, by investing in a Lock-Top damper, you’re getting a chimney component that performs the jobs of two traditional chimney components.

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