Over the years, exposure to the outdoors can start to take a toll on your chimney. One of the elements that can have the most devastating effect on your chimney is water. Rain, sleet and snow all play part in damaging your masonry. If moisture is allowed inside your chimney, there are a number of issues that could arise. This includes masonry erosion and cracking, staining, and bad odors, to name a few. With so many issues caused by moisture, you want to make sure that your chimney is protected from it as much as it can be.

Fortunately, when your chimney was constructed, moisture protection mechanisms were put in place. One of these mechanisms is your chimney crown. A chimney crown is the first line of defense against rain, snow, and sleet. At Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of your chimney crown and making sure that it is in good working condition.

Chimney Crownsroof tops with orange tile and chimney crowns

Your chimney crown is located at the very top opening of your chimney. Structurally, it is simply a slope that was constructed out of mortar or cement around the opening of your chimney. The slop faces away from your chimney opening, deflecting rain and snow away from your chimney flue opening and keeping water from settling on your masonry. Your chimney crown doesn’t cover your chimney opening, however, so your chimney crown works in conjunction with your chimney cap to offer total protection from rain, snow, and sleet.

Leaky Chimney Crown

Your chimney crown’s location on the top of the chimney means that it is exposed to the elements. This constant exposure to rain, heat, wind, and ice means that it is more vulnerable to cracking, crumbling, and loosening from your chimney. Because of its location, homeowners often have a difficult time seeing if there are issues with their chimney crown. Unfortunately, this means homeowners often won’t know of any chimney crown issues until their chimney already starts to leak. The best way to avoid chimney crown issues is to be diligent about getting your annual chimney inspection.

We Can Help

At Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions, we have seen everything when it comes to chimney crown issues. If there is minor cracking or crumbling, we can repair these issues for you. Sometimes we come across a chimney crown that is in such disrepair that it needs to be completely rebuilt. If this is the case, our expert masons can rebuild a brand new crown that is guaranteed to protect your chimney masonry from rain, sleet, and snow.

Make sure your chimney is protected from moisture by getting your chimney crown inspected today! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Hale’s Chimney and Fireplace Solutions is your best choice for all chimney services. Call Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions at 972-562-6851, or schedule an appointment with one of our masonry professionals online today.