Springtime is the season many homeowners start to think about updating and upgrading their homes. Whether it’s new carpet, fresh paint, or new furniture, it’s the perfect time to go for a different look. Even though it’s moving towards the hot days of summer, now would be the perfect time to add a new hearth appliance! At Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions, we have great ideas, lots of products, and plenty of enthusiasm to help you pick out the perfect heating system for your home. We can follow through with our experienced crew, ready to install whatever system you choose.

Picking the Right Hearth Appliance

Did you spend your winter nights thinking about how nice it would be to cozy up around a crackling fire but really don’t enjoy the fuss that goes into building a fire? If the idea of chopping wood, letting it cure, building a fire, and cleaning up afterwards just seems like too much work, we have just the right appliances to help you out. Some of our new appliances offer the natural wood-burning look without the effort.

Gas Log, Gas Insert, or Gas Fireplace

If you’re ready to make the change, two great options are gas logs or gas inserts. Each of these options offers advantages, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. If what you want is a genuine fire look, then a better option might be gas logs. Gas logs have the look of real wood, and you can’t use glass doors to cover them. If you want to settle in and feel like you’re in front of a wood fire, a gas log will do the job. However, if you don’t care as much about an authentic wood look, then a gas insert is right for you. Gas inserts also burn more efficiently than their wood counterparts. In addition, gas inserts tend to be less expensive to run, and still offer the cozy ambience you’re looking for.

If you don’t have a fireplace but would like one, we can help out there as well. Gas fireplaces offer the look of a traditional fireplace and the convenience of hitting a switch. There is no chopping, hauling, or storing of wood required. You can choose vented or unvented, so placement along an outside wall isn’t a concern. A gas fireplace offers the beautiful look of a wood fireplace without the work!

Make the Easy Decision

Whether you are deciding between gas log, insert, or fireplace, the one decision that’s easy to make is who to hire to install your new appliance: Hale’s Chimney & Fireplace Solutions. Give us a call at 972-562-6851 or contact us online and we can set up an appointment. You’ll be ready to enjoy your new appliance when the cool days of autumn arrive!